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Monday, April 11, 2011

I am still alive. I promise.

I haven't posted in a long while. Our family listed our home for sale last year. Then we had a lovely daughter. Then we tried to regroup from the birth of said lovely daughter and the mild chaos that ensues while preparing your home for showings, homeschooling 5 children, and adjusting to life with a newborn. Then very suddenly our home sold after being on the market for a year and we closed in 2 weeks. We are now homeless, though we are being hosted by my gracious brother and his wife and daughter. We are looking for a home and trying to homeschool a little and I am continuing to take my online courses in education. Mild chaos, see? I love you for continuing to visit our blog. Sigh. I will be posting eventually and expect it to be full of home projects, so if that's your bag, keep on checking in. If it's not, check in anyway, because I never do the same thing for very long. Until next time, whenever that may be, God bless you! Keep it sweet! ;)