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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Big and Little Sisters Dresses!

I finally made the matching sister dresses I have been hoping to make forever. These two use black and white coordinating prints. I have a halter style for the baby and a crossover front for big sis. The bigger one also has a yoyo corsage at the waist. We also made hair clips, clipped on the big dress neckline, and a headband to match which you see hanging at the top of the little dress. Maleah sat with me and made yoyos while I sewed the dresses. Maiden sat with us and ate cookies. What can I say? She's hard to say no to with those chubby cheeks. I am including a link to the tutorial I used over at Sugar Bee Crafts as inspiration for the big sis dress. I swapped up some things but this was a great help to me in the design. Ok, Let's look at the pics! I can't wait to have the girls in these next week. As it is, these photos are just the dresses hanging right after I finished them. I have Maiden's Fancy Dress Tea Party for her first birthday coming up so I will take lots of photos then of pretty babies in dresses! For now, a teaser...

And the close up detail of the yoyo corsage on the big sis dress...
We are thinking that these will look great for cooler weather with a long sleeved white tee underneath and a pair of black leggings. When it is warmer we can go to bare arms or maybe a little tank. So pleased with how our hard work turned out!  Thanks for stopping by and please leave me a comment and let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions!
 Stay sweet, Marzipan Mommy ;)

Life with Little guys

I have a bunch of kids. I'm like that lady in the storybook with so many she forgot what to do or who they were or how they got there...isn't that how it went? Anyway, I spend a great deal of time explaining the simple mundane things of life down to a preschool level. Take, for instance, the bible story we read this week about the first family. After all of our discussion and quizzing, my four yr old still thinks one of Adam and Eve's sons was named Cable. Sigh. You have to just laugh.  Today I was trying to explain to him that you can't just jam your feet into a pair of shoes. There is a proper way to put on your shoes. I watched him smashing his foot into his sneaker and called out, "No, you can't just cram your foot in there. There's a tongue in there!" He froze and got this sick look on his face, dropping the shoe. "No, no, not a people tongue. A shoe tongue. The part of the shoe that sticks out of the top." Whew. I think he believed  there was a fat fleshy blob in there OR the shoe was going to eat his foot. Either way, it was hilarious. See, having a house full of little people can be comic relief for itself!