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Monday, February 28, 2011

Painted Wooden Letter Ribbon Bow Holder

Could I have made the title of this post any longer? Geesh!
If you are like this mom of pretty girls, you have an over abundance of hairbows falling out of drawers
 and baskets in your house. These bows are far too cute to keep stashed away so we decided to make a place to display them.We have two girls, ages 11 yrs and 11 months,
 so I chose a Capital M and a Lower-case m, M & m ;)

 Here is what you need:
1 wooden letter
Craft paint in your desired colors
Hot glue
Command Adhesive hook

First, paint your letters to match your room decor. Next, use hot glue to attach the precut ribbon to the reverse of the painted wooden letter, making a loop at the top of the letter with ribbon. A tail of ribbon should extend down the back of the letter. Then, attach your command strip to the wall or door where you will display your ribbons and follow package directions to attach the hook. Now you are ready to hang your bow holder!

A quick project for girls

My oldest daughter wanted to try a project last week that involved some of the elastic smocked fabric popping up in stores lately. She chose a fun spring print and some eyelet and ribbon to dress it up.
Here is our finished product. It looks adorable! She's a budding little designer. ;)
She has worn it as a tunic style top over a flutter sleeve tee and skinny jeans.
We were very pleased that it came out so cute!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

for thy love is better than wine."
Song of Solomon 1:2 

I would like to tell the story of how my wonderful husband and I met and fell in love. We both feel that God placed us at the right time and place to find one another. It was my freshman year in high school. I was in a new choir program called Show Choir(yes, like Glee, only lots dorkier). Our class had a shortage of male voices and from what I hear and piece together, some of the teachers agreed to send a few students our way, although it was rather strange how it all happened. My husband was one of the boys who was told he could either take typing(a class where he'd actually have to work) or choir(a class with girls and no homework, hmm...tough choice). As our rehearsal was beginning there was a knock at the door and a messenger with a note followed by a line of unsuspecting boys. As soon as I saw that awkward young man shuffling his feet and staring at the carpet, I was smitten! I made a decision right there that he was going to be mine, although I had no idea how or why I felt so sure. I credit the Lord who had a greater plan than a little high school crush. My husband shifted his weight from side to side and glanced up now and then until he caught sight of this girl who was so familiar, though he was sure they had never met. He could not stop staring and thought of this girl until class the next day. It took a week before we finally introduced ourselves through friends.As time passed, we chatted here and there, passed notes in the hallway, gave each other long intense gazes from across the lunchroom. Ahhh, teenage love. Then the worst news ever fell on my ears. He was moving away to a school across town. Our blooming romance had been nipped in the bud. It was tragic. I wanted to die a horribly romantic death like Romeo and Juliet. Woe was me.
Alas, God had different plans. This great guy had a car and drove out to see me every weekend for months. Our first kiss was wonderful. I actually swooned. I used to feel so fainty when he was around and he was sure I didn't like him but was afraid to hurt his feelings. He'd drop me off at curfew and then drive by later after all the lights were out in the house and shout out the window of his car "I love you, Robin!" It would usually be the last thing I heard on Saturday nights before I fell asleep. He'd plan a surprise birthday party for my 15th birthday. The next year when I was so sick I couldn't get out of bed, he brought my best friend to my house and celebrated with cake and presents from my sickbed. Years later he would drive hours away to visit me out of state after my family moved. He would leave his hometown and start a new life to be nearer to us. And one day he would buy a little ring and hide it in his pocket until he could slip it on my finger during a lakeside picnic under the summer sun. By fall I would have his name. By the next fall I would have the first of his babies. Five more babies later and many years of joyful marriage passed, I would do every minute of it again. He is the most handsome, kind, funny, perfect man for me. God made us for one another. I look at our life together and marvel at the blessings that came from that one very strange day long ago when I saw the man I knew I would marry. What a beautiful life God has designed for us.
Happy Valentine's Day
to my Handsome Husband,
Father of my Precious Children,
 and King of my Heart!

Monday, February 7, 2011

While he still wants to be my shadow

I have a 4 yr old son who is my shadow. He crawls into my lap during the day and into my bed during the night. He is prone to ask " can I take a nap in your lap?" at about 3 o'clock each day. As many things as I have to accomplish in my schedule, this is one interuption I do not mind. I am well aware that the time for snuggles from little boys can be fleeting. He is our fourth and youngest boy. While I have little Maiden to keep me well supplied with cuddles, there is something slightly less selfish in Britton's hugs. Maiden is still a baby and needs constant care and feeding from mommy. She needs me probably more than she really loves me, though I don't fault her or doubt her love. She's just a baby, though. Britton is old enough to run and play and choose other diversions for his time but he chooses me now and then. I must admit that it feels so good to squish those little cheeks in my two hands and kiss his face. I know he won't want to be my shadow much longer so I treasure every chance. One day I'll look at him and see his grandfather's brow or his father's walk. For now all I see is my rowdy snugglebug in his alien pajamas dragging his blanket through my bedroom door. I hope he stays this way for awhile.

Puddles Jumpers!

My fine young men took a moment out of their stomping to pose for one quick shot for mommy.
 Love those adorable little men in their boots. So cute!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I love you, But or And?

I am one of those moms who has a list of phrases I repeat over and over. I think you know what I mean. "What did I just say to you?" "Attitude, people, attitude." "You carry your father's name." One of my common phrases really struck me as I heard myself tonight. "I love you, but..." Why would I say that. The context of the conversation dealt with a behavior I didn't want my child to continue. I think I said something similar to " I love you but I am not going to let you treat your brother that way."
Why would I say BUT ? Is love letting someone get by with bad behavior? I should love my children enough to correct them. Discipline is love! If I don't teach and discipline them, I set them up for a terrible life. I think my children sense that I hesitate to discipline them. I came from a home where the father was the primary disciplinarian. I am sometimes uncomfortable with that role. I have misplaced guilt because I know it is necessary and good yet I feel terrible that I have to do it. Sometimes I even feel like I am a poor mother because my children need discipline. How does that even make sense? The truth is that I love my children enough to correct them. When I use phrases like " I love you, but..." my children are going to interpret my meaning that discipline means I don't love them; that when I won't let them do what they want, it means I don't love them. I must stop. I will now say, " I love you AND I will not allow you to continue this behavior." Because I do love them more than any guilt or awkwardness I may feel about being the mean mommy. They are my little treasures.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What am I reading?

Just in case you were curious...

I have mentioned I have 6 children. Our oldest three are 13, 11 and 9yrs old. We are preparing for the future onslaught of teen angst. I picked up a couple of books at our Lifeway Christian Store directed to teens. These books are proving to be right in line with our goals for the children. I have often said that the benefit of homeschooling for teens is that they can try out so many adult tasks while they are still under the provision of their parents' homes. The books are written by Alex and Brett Harris. These young twins served as interns to the Alabama Supreme Court before they were 18. They have championed the cause of urging teens to cast off the culture of slackers and consumerism and to get out there and make something of themselves; to make a difference! I love it. I have both Do Hard Things and Start Here. My oldest and I are reading them together for now. When we finish, our 11 year old will start them. Love it. Check them out. And while you are there, poke around the site. You will be impressed.

Time to catch back up

I feel I have not blogged in so long. It really hasn't been all that long but there has been so much activity in our home lately. My youngest daughter has begin walking. I both love and dread this stage. It is the beginning of such an exciting time for her as she is able to engage with her siblings so much more easily. She explores the house most of the day, rarely sitting still. We all cheer for her when she manages to take several steps in a row. On the other hand, she falls and bumps herself regularly, which is not at all easy to watch. She is so lovely and I hate to see her with a bonk on her noggin. It is also the beginning of the end of her baby days. Now that breaks my heart. Can't she just stay a tiny little one just a while longer? As I type this I am so emotionally torn. She is a little person, not just my infant girl. There is a time for everything and this is the time for baby steps, as hard as it is. Atleast she is still willing to hold my fingers while she toddles along. I know the day is coming when she won't need that any longer. Oh, sob. Sometimes it is so hard to be a mommy.

We also have weathered two bouts with some sort of stomach bug, the return to college courses for myself, several serious snows and are still looking for the perfect new to us truck for my husband. For the record, I am pretty sure I have logged over 500 hours in used car lots in the last month. Oh. The. Boredom. It is very fortunate that 1) I always carry pretzels and animal crackers. 2) I have internet on my phone. 3) I brought my yarn and had plenty of projects to complete. I literally began and ended a scarf and wore it because it was too chilly to peek in locked truck windows on a Sunday afternoon when the lots were closed. I hope this truck situation resolves soon. I really want to find the right truck for my husband because he really has treated me well all of our marriage and has never had the nice car to drive. This is something I think he would really be blessed by. Plus, he has no heat in his old reliable Corolla. It's time to upgrade. And yes, we did take all 6 children with us each time we went to look. It was kinda hairy at times, but we survived.
So, that's about all I can think of at the moment. I will try to be more diligent about updating in the future.