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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Big and Little Sisters Dresses!

I finally made the matching sister dresses I have been hoping to make forever. These two use black and white coordinating prints. I have a halter style for the baby and a crossover front for big sis. The bigger one also has a yoyo corsage at the waist. We also made hair clips, clipped on the big dress neckline, and a headband to match which you see hanging at the top of the little dress. Maleah sat with me and made yoyos while I sewed the dresses. Maiden sat with us and ate cookies. What can I say? She's hard to say no to with those chubby cheeks. I am including a link to the tutorial I used over at Sugar Bee Crafts as inspiration for the big sis dress. I swapped up some things but this was a great help to me in the design. Ok, Let's look at the pics! I can't wait to have the girls in these next week. As it is, these photos are just the dresses hanging right after I finished them. I have Maiden's Fancy Dress Tea Party for her first birthday coming up so I will take lots of photos then of pretty babies in dresses! For now, a teaser...

And the close up detail of the yoyo corsage on the big sis dress...
We are thinking that these will look great for cooler weather with a long sleeved white tee underneath and a pair of black leggings. When it is warmer we can go to bare arms or maybe a little tank. So pleased with how our hard work turned out!  Thanks for stopping by and please leave me a comment and let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions!
 Stay sweet, Marzipan Mommy ;)


  1. Mandy-Thank you! We had such fun bonding time sewing together! Maleah was very proud of her yoyos ;)
    Kate-No, YOU are! But thank you ;)