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Monday, February 7, 2011

While he still wants to be my shadow

I have a 4 yr old son who is my shadow. He crawls into my lap during the day and into my bed during the night. He is prone to ask " can I take a nap in your lap?" at about 3 o'clock each day. As many things as I have to accomplish in my schedule, this is one interuption I do not mind. I am well aware that the time for snuggles from little boys can be fleeting. He is our fourth and youngest boy. While I have little Maiden to keep me well supplied with cuddles, there is something slightly less selfish in Britton's hugs. Maiden is still a baby and needs constant care and feeding from mommy. She needs me probably more than she really loves me, though I don't fault her or doubt her love. She's just a baby, though. Britton is old enough to run and play and choose other diversions for his time but he chooses me now and then. I must admit that it feels so good to squish those little cheeks in my two hands and kiss his face. I know he won't want to be my shadow much longer so I treasure every chance. One day I'll look at him and see his grandfather's brow or his father's walk. For now all I see is my rowdy snugglebug in his alien pajamas dragging his blanket through my bedroom door. I hope he stays this way for awhile.

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