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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Marzipan Moments: Playing with a Stick

Ahhh, the simple joys in life. There are some things that are just right just the way they are. For children, boys in particular, one of those things is a stick. And so I give to you our latest drama...Playing with a Stick- a four part exercise in play.
 Part 1
"Mom, I'm Perry Hotter. This is my wand to turn people into toast! Swish! Swish! Aaaaa, I don't want to be toast!"
Part 2-the musical interlude
"Dancin', Dancin'. Dancin', Dancy. Dancin' dancy dancin' fancy dancin' with my dancy stick. "
Part 3-the sword fight, of course
"Aaaarg, aaaaaahh, grrrrr, yaaaahhhh, ah ha!"
There were literally no words here, just grunts and yells for, like, 15 minutes.
Part 4
"Look! Christopher picked me up and my stick can touch the ceiling!"
Daddy's gonna love this one after he just painted that ceiling.

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