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Monday, December 13, 2010

Why not try a blog?

Many of my friends and family members have suggested I write a book. Really? A book? I don't have anything else really going on in my life, what, with mothering 6 children ages 9 months to 13 years, homeschooling, pursuing a degree in education myself, tending to the general care and keeping of a home and then there's the sewing, the mending, the baking, the fixing of random broken items...No, I am not busy enough. I need something more to do.  Did I mention my husband is in offshore oil drilling and therefore travels for weeks on end?  In answer to all of these factors some suggest blogging. Why not try a blog? It's just a blog. Come on. You can write a blog.

Okay. Maybe I can. Maybe. So this is the beginning of my blog.
Now, you ask why The Marzipan Mommy. I have always been fascinated with marzipan. It's almonds. It's candy. It's a creative medium for beautiful confections and decorative flowers or creatures...but really, it's just nuts. So, the more I thought about marzipan the more it became kind of a metaphor for myself. A little sweet, but really just nuts. My life is very much like that. Crazy and hectic and full of the sugary sweetness married life raising 6 children brings.

I love to write. Some say I'm funny. Some say I'm weird. I say I'm probably both. I love to take pictures of my children and neato things we make or do or see. I love to craft or sew or paint a little something special. I LOVE LOVE LOVE baking and cooking. I love to share a cool homeschool lesson or link when I find it. You'll find projects,  recipes, musings, random thoughts and who knows what else here. Doesn't that sound a little nutty and maybe a little sweet?

Check in now and then to see what we've been up to.

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