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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Patching, mending, fixing...

It seems we are always patching knees of pants in this house. I thought you might enjoy a little patch inspiration. For my daughter, a pair of heart shaped patches and a little embroidery floss embellishment made some fantastic designer looking jeans!

For my sons, it seems camo is always a hit. I patched under the hole with camo and on the other knee I used a sewing equivalent to scribbling followed by a cool piratey skull and cross bones. He loves them so much I can hardly get him to take them off and let me wash them! He even broke out the cool guy dance for the photo shoot. That kid is a hoot, I tell ya.

Our youngest son wanted me to make something cool for his jeans and brought me this pair. I found a bit of scrap fabric and an old jacket that had a broken zipper and was too itchy in the first place. I snipped the numbers off the track jacket and made a little applique together and viola'! Brit calls them his basketball pants. He's really enthusiastic about anything I make for him. It's nice. Everyone should have one of those guys in the house. ;)  
I have lots of creative patching ideas. I have used the pockets of outgrown cargo pants as patches. I simply cut away the pockets and place over the area to be covered and handstitch down in some contrasting color that makes it look more deliberate. I also try to use the same thread to add fun little embelishments like the skull and cross bones that ties the whole thing together. I like having cute boys clothes and they are kinda tough to find, so if I can spice their things up a little, it's worth the effort to me.
What are some of your patching tips?

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