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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blogging is so crazy

Am I the only one who reads their stats and is just blown away that someone in Australia or Germany or some other far away country would have any interest in what they have to say? 
I mean, no one really wants to listen to me in my own house.
 Can you blame me for being surprised that I have an audience in a foreign country?
It's very flattering. And awesome. And so surreal.
What about you? Do you check your stats?
Isn't it crazy that we  can just click a few keys and find ourselves looking into the lives of people seemingly so different and foreign? I can't believe how close I feel to some of the bloggers I follow. It's like I know them and we're buds. I see them grow their families and I get so excited for them.
 I see them show off their creativity and get inspired by them. I read about their struggles and feel compelled to pray for many of them. It's just so wild what the Internet has allowed us to do. We hear a lot about the dangers and the negative things the Internet has brought into our lives. I don't want to discount that at all, but there is this great supportive community that has sprung up, too. So, to all of my fellow bloggers and those readers and followers who may stumble across my humble blog home, I welcome you and invite you to come back often! Let's be blog buds!  

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  1. I have met and become friends with a number of (former) bloggers. We all seem to have migrated to Facebook, and our friendships have developed and become very important to me. Best wishes to you and your readers, present and future!