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Friday, February 3, 2012

Can you believe it's been 9 months since my last post? Me either! Life has changed so much for our family in those nine months, and no, I'm not pregnant. Not for the moment at least.
Our family moved to Alabama after living 12 years in our first home in Tennessee. It was a long awaited move to a bigger home for our family of 8 but it was still a little bittersweet. I thought I would catch you all up today about the move and our new home. Most of you know my husband travels in his career so I am flying solo with the kids pretty often. Wouldn't you know that when the contract came in for our home sale he was out of town and didn't come home until the night before closing! And when we purchased our new home, again, out of town and I had to juggle closing by myself with the children. Thank the Lord for our amazing realtor, Maggie, and her two teenage daughter and even her husband! They kept the children occupied while I signed papers. Whew! Our first home which we moved from was about 1100 square feet. Or new home is more than twice that size! You cannot imagine the cartwheels and whoops and hollers we experienced the first few weeks. We are also just a few miles from family now, so that has been such a blessing! I love having family cookouts and Sunday dinners after church with everyone playing and laughing and chatting. We also have met our neighbors and let me tell you...delightful! I've made a few friends. The kids have made friends. We've signed up for sports. We've found our church home. It's all coming together at last. And I did promise you some remodeling and DIY projects. I'll get to that soon. For now, enjoy these photos of our family and our journey over the last several months!

Closing Day at Last!

Moving Day
(you can tell I had just tons of help:)

Playing on the Lower Deck a.k.a. The Castle

Roses for the Sisters ;)

Halloween Huddle in the Foyer

School Projects in the Dining Room

My Thanksgiving Dining Table Arrangement

 Christmas Tree in the Living Room

Pretty Baby

School Shelves in the Den

 Our Lovely Oriental Inspired Red Half-bath


  1. Yay!! I miss you, really, like a lot.

  2. I miss you, too! Thanks for popping in to see me. Hope you're all doing well :)