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Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Fabulous Birthday Present

I have a wonderful husband. Let's just get that out there first. Ok, now that we have established that fact, I want to show you what he bought me for my birthday!

I have been searching for something tall to occupy a wall in my dining room. I painted the walls red (Glidden's Red Delicious, to be exact) this fall. I had been looking at antiques and ran across this beauty. As soon as I saw her, I knew she had to be the one. Funky, bright, unconventional yet folksy and old fashioned. Ah, it was love. I texted a pic to the hubs thinking he would balk at her cartoonish paint and shabby style. Instead, he said, if you love it, I will come get it with my truck. I think those were the most romantic words I have heard him say in years. I'm not sure if you understand how much I love this weird piece of furniture. It makes me so happy to see her sitting there in my dining room. I've almost settled on a name. She's either a Daisy or a Maude.  For now, I'm putting my entertaining pieces in there like table linens, serving trays and platters. I'm pretty sure the roosters are going into storage when the curtains are completed. The whole room is going to be so cheery and fun.                                                    

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